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Seleykos Palace

Home Sights
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One of the most interesting destinations, especially for nature lovers is Glyki. There we find the river Acheron that springs from the mountains of Ioannina. After a 64 km route, it flows into the Ionian Sea, helping to create a multitude of ecosystems for many types of plants and animals. According to mythology, the valley of the Acheron was the place where the souls of the dead dwelled. The river was the route through which Charon lead the souls of the dead to Lake Acherousia where the kingdom of Hades was located. The route Trikastro-Glyki crosses the Straits of Acheron throughout their length. The trail begins just outside the village Trikastro and follows a parallel path with the river and the appropriate configurations (steps and guard rails) to pass the difficult points. Continuing straight, we reach the end of the trail and the stairs Tzavelena, a location with spectacular views. Passing through the shallow waters, we find the Dragon's Lair on the opposite bank. This is a cave from which flowing from sources that feed the Acheron. Then one returns to the Information Center of Glyki through a ten-minute walk along the riverbank through a forest of trees and ferns.

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Sagiada is located to the northwest of the prefecture of Thesprotia. It is 23 km from Igoumenitsa and occupies the beach - plain and hill - the area north of the old mouth of the Kalama River, extending into the Greek-Albanian border.Sagiada is one of the most beautiful villages of Thesprotia. It has recently undergone development and offers guests a quiet holiday close to nature. It is telling that every year more and more travel enthusiasts prefer Sagiada for their summer holidays since it offers beautiful beaches and idyllic landscapes. Some of them include: Keramidi, Bay of Ftelia ... ..When exploring Sagiada, do not forget to visit the picturesque village of Ragio and Ragio Monastery which dates from the 11th century. This is a remarkable monastery which after decades of abandonment has been reopened to visitors and the faithful.Also worth visiting is Amvrakiko Bay, one of the most exciting closed seas in the country. In the enclosed wetlands 285 bird species have been recorded.Today Sagiada is one of the most popular destinations in Thesprotia. It is a place worth getting to know, where you can spend your summer or winter vacations and enjoy the tranquility of rural mainland.

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Igoumenitsa is the capital of the prefecture of Thesprotia. It is a coastal town with 15,000 inhabitants located 480 km from Athens and 470 km from Thessaloniki. Its port is a hub of communication both with the ports of Greece and the Adriatic.
It is an important sea gate of the country to Europe. From Igoumenitsa, one can travel to Paxos, Corfu and Patras, as well as to the Italian ports such as Bari, Brindisi, Venice and Ancona. As a transit center, the city is continually expanding and will undergo further development with the completion of the Egnatia Highway linking Epiros with Thrace.

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Parga is situated 68 km north of Preveza and 50 km southeast of Igoumenitsa, near the river Acheron and across from the picturesque islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. The town of Parga is amphitheatrically built and is one of the most attractive tourist resorts in the country. Narrow streets lead to the castle, the shops, the restaurants and many bars and clubs in the city. The picturesque bay, the beautiful island of Virgin Mary and the many taverns create an enchanting atmosphere. The picture is completed by beautiful beaches in the area: Kryoneri, Valtos, Lichnos, Sarakiniko, Agios Giannakis. These beaches are organized and offer water sports.

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Sivota is a coastal village on the southern tip of the prefecture of Thesprotia built on a small, secluded bay. The green islands St. Nicholas and Black Mountain- where a lighthouse was built in 1884 to facilitate sea journeys- that surround the village are accessible by boat, while the beaches suitable for swimming are numerous and very clean: Small and Big Ammos, Agia Paraskevi, Pool, French Molos, Zavia, Grand Stafo, Zeri, Zeri, Arillas.

From Sivota there are regular services to nearby islands.



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