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Sagiada is located to the northwest of the prefecture of Thesprotia. It is 23 km from Igoumenitsa and occupies the beach - plain and hill - the area north of the old mouth of the Kalama River, extending into the Greek-Albanian border.Sagiada is one of the most beautiful villages of Thesprotia. It has recently undergone development and offers guests a quiet holiday close to nature. It is telling that every year more and more travel enthusiasts prefer Sagiada for their summer holidays since it offers beautiful beaches and idyllic landscapes. Some of them include: Keramidi, Bay of Ftelia ... ..When exploring Sagiada, do not forget to visit the picturesque village of Ragio and Ragio Monastery which dates from the 11th century. This is a remarkable monastery which after decades of abandonment has been reopened to visitors and the faithful.Also worth visiting is Amvrakiko Bay, one of the most exciting closed seas in the country. In the enclosed wetlands 285 bird species have been recorded.Today Sagiada is one of the most popular destinations in Thesprotia. It is a place worth getting to know, where you can spend your summer or winter vacations and enjoy the tranquility of rural mainland.