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One of the most interesting destinations, especially for nature lovers is Glyki. There we find the river Acheron that springs from the mountains of Ioannina. After a 64 km route, it flows into the Ionian Sea, helping to create a multitude of ecosystems for many types of plants and animals. According to mythology, the valley of the Acheron was the place where the souls of the dead dwelled. The river was the route through which Charon lead the souls of the dead to Lake Acherousia where the kingdom of Hades was located. The route Trikastro-Glyki crosses the Straits of Acheron throughout their length. The trail begins just outside the village Trikastro and follows a parallel path with the river and the appropriate configurations (steps and guard rails) to pass the difficult points. Continuing straight, we reach the end of the trail and the stairs Tzavelena, a location with spectacular views. Passing through the shallow waters, we find the Dragon's Lair on the opposite bank. This is a cave from which flowing from sources that feed the Acheron. Then one returns to the Information Center of Glyki through a ten-minute walk along the riverbank through a forest of trees and ferns.